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Vagina Tightening Stick in Pakistan

Vagina Tightening Stick in Pakistan


Herbal Vaginal Tightening Stick in Pakistan "Herbal Uni Wand", "Yoni Divine", vaginal rejuvenation for women's wellness using natural methods of self-care and uterine health




Night Beautyeul Vaginal Tightening Stick

Vagina Tightening Stick in Pakistan, Is Formulated With Natural Herbal Ingredients That Work Faster. It Helps To Tighten The Vagina, Renew Cells, Regulates Sex Apathy, Improve The Elasticity Of The Vagina And Increase Sex Endurance. This Stick Is Effective To Tighten Up Your Vagina Like Before Without Any Surgery.


  • Tightens the vagina. The best solution to tight vagina. Naturally Increases tightening.
  • Tightens Vagina in less than 3 Minutes, Eliminates bad odors, Natural Herbs provide relief from feminine itching and pain from yeast infections
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Vaginal Tightening Stick Packing :

  • Vagina Tightening Stick+Wrap+ Label+ Manual+ Box
  • Specification: 12 CM * 1.2 CM
  • Tighten Vagina from 4.5cm to 2.5cm
  • Reusable More Than 60 Times

Vaginal Tightening Stick Functions :

  • Tighten vagina, regulate sex apathy, improve elasticity of the vagina and enhance sex sensation, make you feel like a girl within 30 second
  • Stimulate the female hormone and delay aging;
  • Clean the vagina environment, eliminate the toxin from vagina;
  • Regulate the incretion, dissolve the pigmentation color spots on face;

Vaginal Tightening Stick Ingredient : Talcum Powder,Honeysuckle,Pearl Powder,Borneol,BaiFan Powder,Madura Mountain Roots

Vaginal Tightening Stick Usage :

  • 1. Use it before half or one hour of sexual love.
  • 2. After cleaning vagina, rinse the stick, then insert to the vagina slowly, rotated for about 30 seconds, due to different personal situation, the longest time is no more than 1 minute!
  • 3. After using, rinse the item again for next use. It can not be wash too long, otherwise, it will be reduce the using times.
  • 4. Keep it in a cool shade place.
  • 5. For personal care: 3 or 4 days per time.

Vaginal Tightening Stick Cautions:

  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers and during the menstruation can not be use it.
  • For external use only, can not be eat

Vaginal Shrinking Reusable Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick Price in Pakistan is Rs : 2,750 PKR

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